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Name: Lola 
Date: 11/14/13
Message: Thanks for putting all these great resources in one place! :o) I am an instructional coach and I have shared your website with my teachers...hope they use it! 

Name: Rocio Ruiz
Date: 10/20/13
Message: hi

Name: Amy Pomatto
Date: 10/07/13
Message: I love this!

Name: W Bishop
Date: 10/01/13
Message: I've just added your site to my favorites. Love all the great information!!

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Welcome to my classroom website, a fun and safe place on the Internet!   I hope you enjoy browsing, and I'm always open for comments and suggestions! 
*We're over 200,000 visitors!  Thanks to everyone!

**As you may have noticed, I have not been updating my website.  I recently accepted a new position teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom.  As a result, this classroom website will be taken down soon.  Thanks for all the support over the past ten years.  If there is anything you would like after the website goes down, please send me an e-mail and I'll be glad to e-mail you the resources/ideas.

Here are some images from our "Be A Grecian Day," where we reviewed everything we learned, as well as enjoyed treats from Taste in Culpeper.  Many thanks to the volunteers, donations, and Taste for providing the students a hand-on way to learn about something Ancient!

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Date: 06/21/14
Message: NOTHING

Date: 06/09/14
Message: its a wonderful site it gives us more and more knowledge i have learned many things in this site

Name: Jan Pablo T. Pellejera
Date: 03/21/14
Message: I am glad that I found your site

Name: Debra McMiller
Date: 02/09/14
Message: Great Ideas

Name: LA Stahl
Date: 01/21/14
Message: cool

Name: Roxie Kyzer
Date: 01/06/14
Message: I am interested to see your game.

Name: mae pavilario
Date: 12/24/13
Message: this is just timely and helpful. I've been searching for sources like this for my reading intervention program for parents and students in my research. thank you so much.its great.

Date: 12/07/13
Message: HI

Name: Denise
Date: 12/02/13
Message: Great ideas!! This site really helped me with my final project for my literacy class. Thanks

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